Wedding Tip Wednesday :: ONE

Hey Gang!

Everyone reacts differently to getting married. Some people are super excited and just can’t wait to bolt down that aisle, while others are excited about the marrying part, but being the center of attention and thinking about all the things that could go wrong that day makes them NERVOUS. The same can be said for a lot of things and for me, ironically, it is getting myself front of the camera.

My job is to make people comfortable in front of the camera, yet, you flip that lens in my direction and the first thing I want to do is hide *lol*. Let me clarify, the height of my phobia comes with being video taped. The sound of my voice, the pressure I put on myself to be articulate, to enunciate, not to stutter..etc…I can go on!! All these things build up and make me nervous, anxious and a bit of a mess *lol*

I’ve wanted to do youtube videos for a while now and I was super pumped for it. I did everything I needed to do to get myself prepared. I came up with a list of topics, I learned how to use editing software, I got the equipment I needed, I did everything but shoot the video! “Yeah, yeah, I’ll do that another day” I’d say to myself over and over again. In fact, things randomly kept getting in the way and I almost convinced myself that this was “a sign” of some kind. Truth is, I was going to let my fear/nerves take over and talk me out of doing something that I really wanted to do.

So, what did I do about that fear? Check out the link below *wink*



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