Why I LOVE my 70-200mm Lens

Hey Gang,

Its been ages since Ive had a photo-tip/technical post so today is a good day to have one!  Lets talk about one of my FAVOURITE lenses of all time, my Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VRII.  Why do I love this lens so much?  besides the obvious (I grabbed this from kenrockwell.com)

1.) Fast f/2.8 speed for low light, soft backgrounds and action-stopping shutter speeds.

2.) Built tough: all metal except for rubber gaskets and bumpers.

3.) Built to last: many markings are engraved to outlast all of us.

4.) Fast, quiet AF with a silent wave motor. You won’t scare sensitive subjects as other AF lenses might.

5.) Instant manual-focus override: just grab the focus ring at any time

6.) Vibration reduction so you can leave the tripod at home.

7.) Three AF-Lock buttons to lock focus when pressed and held. These are extremely handy once you learn to use them.

8.) Better bokeh than most other Nikkor lenses.

But why do I really LOVE LOVE LOVE this lens? Its comes down to COMPRESSION, the way this lens separate my subject from the background it almost gives it a 3D look to the image.  While the 50mm 1.8 is a fabulous lens and I will recommend this to anyone as their first lens it does not have the buttery out of focus rendering of this lens.  This is as technical as I get, anyone looking for specs or any info just goto Youtube you’ll fine plenty!  As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”  In the following image you’ll notice exacty what Im talking about in terms of subject background/forground separation.  This lens is magic the only downfall is after 12 hours of shooting this lens gets really heavy but every time I see the images it pulls me back!  *wink*