Whistle Bear Wedding :: Shalon+Jim

“Bassem and Lori were absolutely fantastic at our wedding. Not only do we get compliments about the quality and candid Ness of our photos but we get compliments on how energetic they were day of and that they were out on the dance floor taking pictures. They captured everything perfectly!!” – Shalon & Jim

Hey Gang!

Shalon & Jim’s classic wedding at Whistle Bear fell on a beautiful Spring day!  The sun was out, the breeze was just right and we had the perfect backdrop for an amazing celebration.

Shalon is a runner who just did a half marathon and is training to do a full marathon in the Fall.  Our hats go off to her for her hard work and dedication & to Jim as well for supporting her in this journey.  When we thought about them as a couple and what their big day meant to them, we couldn’t help but think that finding long lasting love is a lot like training for a marathon.  Firstly, it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes patience, effort and time.  Just like I couldn’t get off the couch and run 40k right now – we don’t bump into someone and are ready to marry them.  Love takes time, it takes work and it takes dedication.  Secondly, it can hurt!  Running can leave you with aches, pains and disappointment.  Love, too, is not all roses and rainbows.  There are times when you’re let down, when you feel like your heart is in your stomach and you want to just call it a day.  But there is something that can make it all worth it  – and that’s our last point, it can be INCREDIBLE.  Many runners will tell you about the euphoria or high they get when they’re in a groove, have reached a goal or have seen all of the positive effects it’s had on their lives.  Love with someone who is willing to work as hard as you are, set their pride aside to say & mean “I’m sorry”,  will make you laugh until your face is sore, is there physically and emotionally, and someone who will wake up every morning and realize that the journey is never ending – that it isn’t over when you’ve reached the finish line, rather you set new goals and work towards achieving those together….That is what makes love euphoric & worth every effort, struggle and step.

Shalon & Jim, we wish you a beautiful journey and know that you have everything it takes to have a wonderful & fulfilling life together.  Thank you so much for having us be part of your amazing journey!


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