Whistle Bear Golf Club Weddings :: Leia + Greg

Hey Gang,

What a great day with a great couple that all adds up to a great time!  I knew it was going to be a great day as soon as Leia told everyone to “ignore Bass and act natural” *lol*  Simply put thats the best advice for a wedding day!  Capturing the events as they naturally unfold and on this couple amazing day their were plenty of them (moments). Come check out the rest of the photos on my Facebook Page

The love story of Greg and Leia is five years in the making. Greg and Leia were introduced through a mutual friend, who thought they would be a perfect match. Initially, things did not quite work out. A month or so past and they reconnected at a friend’s wedding. Still not sure, Leia agreed to go on a date with Greg with no expectations it would go anywhere. Boy was she wrong! From that date on they were inseparable however very quiet about their status not wanting to let everyone know. They remained “two people” (inside joke with friends) for a long time until Leia decided it was time to introduce Greg to her true love…..Ottawa. Leia knew it was love when Greg agreed to accompany her to Ottawa for Marathon Race weekend. Leia showed Greg the reasons why she loved the city and Greg waited patiently on the sidelines as Leia finished running the marathon.  From then on, they were hooked.

The proposal? Greg always told Leia (and others) they would be married in the year 2027! A date he frequently reminded her of whenever a friend or family member would ask when they were getting married. Well 2027 arrived on May 28, 2011 in the place they fell in love ….Ottawa! It was only fitting that Greg would propose there as it has become a place they both love visiting. It was race weekend again and this time the medal at the end was not at all what Leia was expecting. The weekend was the typical holiday they always enjoyed, shopping, walking around touring the city followed by the marathon on Sunday morning. Upon finishing the race, Greg met Leia at the entrance of the finish line and hurried back to the hotel. Leia thinking it took her longer than expected to finish, still had to get ready and make it to the airport for their flight.  She rushed to keep up with Greg. When they got back to the hotel room Greg sat Leia down (which Leia thought he was going to help her out of her running shoes) but Greg told her to close her eyes, reluctantly Leia did .When she opened her eyes there was a race bib that said “2027”. Greg told Leia that it was finally 2027 and he wanted to run with her for the rest of their lives. They have been running ever since and are beyond excited to spend the rest of their lives together!


The rest of the photos are here!

Decorator: Decorating Dreams – Lori Cooke http://www.decoratingdreams.ca/

Catering/Reception: Whistle Bear Golf Course http://www.whistlebear.ca

Hair: Rachelle Gill Salon Mannequin 

Shoes: Urban Bride

Dress: Bridal Village http://www.bridalvillage.ca

DJ: Spindoctor Production “Dr. Mike Connelly”

Limo: Brentwood Livery