West River Banquet Hall Wedding Toronto :: Nancy + Sam

Hey Gang,
As promised here are some photos from Nancy & Sam’s wedding. Driving to Toronto Gabe looks at me and says “Dad I don’t think your gonna get lucky this time, it’s definitely going to rain” He was right, it did rain all the way there, but as soon as we arrived at Sam’s place it stopped – actually it stopped raining the whole day! *wink* Thinking back now I should have bet him! *lol* We couldn’t have asked for a better day! Perfect weather, perfect couple and amazing fellow vendors to work with! I gotta give a shout out to Tiffany at Cup of Tea Events and planning, amazing job sister! Also to The Rosarium on the gorgeous flowers and going above and beyond the call of duty, they really knocked it out of the park!

So how did Nancy meet Sam? It’s a funny story actually! They met at a gas station….yes, really. She was pumping gas, he was checking out her car (he’s a car enthusiast you can say *wink*) and noticed one of her tires was low and decided to let her know. That’s when he noticed her…lol. When she seemed disinterested in his helpful tip, he offered to do it for her! Nancy told me that she was not in the position to turned down the assistance of a cute guy! *lol* So while Sam was pumping her tires they started talking, one thing led to another and our man here got Nancy’s number! *wink* Two years later here we all are, at this lovely couples wedding!! I asked Sam later between us if her tire was indeed running low? He just looked at me and smiled, NICE!!


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CAKE: Fabulous Cakes http://www.fabulouscakes.ca
DECORATOR: Right Choice Linens http://rightchoicelinendecor.com
FLOWERS: The Rosarium http://www.rosarium.ca/
RECEPTION/CATERING: West River Banquet Hall
EVENT PLANNING: Cup of Tea Events http://www.cupofteaevents.ca/
WEDDING SHOES: Manolo Bhlanik – David’s
WEDDING DRESS: Windsor Bridal
DJ: bb Blanc http://www.bbblanc.com
LIMO: Francesco’s Limo