Whistle Bear Wedding :: Kayla+Marcus

“Kayla and I have had a chance to look at the photos. We love that you were able to capture such amazing moments of our day. The photos are exactly what we pictured  them as, and we love them! We also had a look at the blog and it was just a really great reminder of a day that we’ll never forget. Thank you both again!”- Marcus & Kayla

DJ by Soundwaves DJ Entertainment
Flowers by Jodi Leigh Designs
Hair by UBU Hair
Wedding Planning by Pearle Weddings

Hey Gang!

Kayla & Marcus had their wedding at none other than the amazing Whistle Bear Golf Club in Cambridge.  While the day was unseasonably chilly, the warmth of the people that surrounded them kept things cozy and intimate.

Kayla & Marcus are perfect for each other. We got to spend some time with them during their engagement session and saw how well they work together. They’re sweet, kind, tender with each other…we could go on and on!! It goes without saying that we were really looking forward to seeing them and meeting the people that mean the most to them at their wedding.

Jodi Leigh Designs  always puts together the most beautiful floral arrangements and décor!! Whenever our brides fill us in on who we’ll be working with, we do a little happy dance when we hear Jodi’s name

The food….ohhh the food. We literally count the sleeps until we get to feast on one of Chef Brian’s creations. We can’t say enough about the quality and the attention to detail that goes into every single plate that is served. We are never disappointed and all we hear is praise from the guests at the tables we sit at.

Now I’m hungry *lol*…

Kayla & Marcus, thank you so much for having us be a part of your wedding day. It was so much fun and we are honoured that you chose us! We hope looking back at the images gives you as much joy as it gave us to capture them for you.

Here’s a little bit of what our amazing couple had to say about their wedding day…

He Said:

My favourite part of the day was Kayla and I, as HUSBAND AND WIFE…. still sounds weird, getting to spend the night with our friends and family. We’ve been together quite a while so there has been a lot of people that have come and gone throughout the years, but getting to enjoy the day with those closest to us, nothing beats that.

I’ll never forget standing up at the front of the chapel and waiting for Kayla to come around the corner to walk down the aisle. We had joked so much before about whether either of us would cry, and I saw some people glancing at me just to catch what would be a rare tear, if any, but luckily, neither of us did. For me, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. After all the hype and anticipation, it was finally happening!

I least expected, two things, 1) to dance as much as a did, probably more then I have in all of my life, or will in the next little while (Minus the dance classes I’ve promised Kayla I would take with her), and 2) to be honest, the day to go by without any issues lol. I don’t think Kayla or I had expected that nothing would go wrong, even if just something small, but it did, and it was great. Leading up to the wedding, things are stressful enough with the planning, and on top of that you have added stress of thinking “what if this or that happens or goes wrong”, and it can take away from the excitement, but when the day came and went without a hitch, I think it just reinforced that all the planning was worth it and made it a night we would remember for the rest of our lives.

She Said:

My favourite part of the day …the whole day meant so much to me. I remember thinking to myself the night before (based on advice from others) that I need to just try and take I all in. I remember the next morning feeling like I really had! The day does still escape you because it’s a whirlwind of a day but it was amazing! EVERYTHING! It was a day to focus on our commitment to each other and celebrate that..but also a huge reminder of how lucky we are to have such AMAZING family and friends, truly.

I’ll never forget …the wicked conga line at the end of the night! Woo!! Haha!!

I’ll also never forget the letter Marcus wrote me. He’s not a man of many words and he keeps his feelings very close to his heart and for him to write me the letter he did…I was blown away, I didn’t expect that. I married the best person I know – and I’ve read that letter again (and again) since the wedding.

I least expected …Marcus to be on the dance floor all night. I kept saying that if I needed to be found, I’d be on the dance floor. He’s not a big dancer – scratch that, he’s not a dancer at all but he was with me all night, I loved it! I don’t know if I’ll get him on a dance floor that much again haha!

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