Waterloo Inn Weddings :: Hailey + Graham

Hey Gang,

What a gorgeous day for a wedding, not a cloud in the sky! Driving to meet up with the groomsmen Gabe could feel my energy, maybe it was the fact I couldn’t stop talking about this amazing couple or maybe it was lingering excitement from their E-session. Whatever it was I was pumped to be shooting and Gabe knew it but yet we couldn’t put our finger on it? Until…we rolled into the house and approached the front door and were welcomed by a HUGE smile and hug from Graham! I’ll be the first to admit I’m a big sap and getting hugs ranks right up their with having your favourite dessert for breakfast….AWESOME!!! *wink* As if that wasn’t enough, as soon as we walked in the front door Mom, Dad and all the groomsmen welcomed us with high-fives and more hugs! I was in HUG-Nirvana! *lol* Looking back through the years it’s been so great when I’ve had a connection with my couple and I’ve become more than just a photographer, but a friend. So how did this wonderful couple first meet?

Graham and Hailey met in highschool, when she was a freshman and he was a senior, oh yea thats right! *lol* They were both casted for the school play where he got the lead and she had a small role. However the first time she laid eyes on him at the rehearsal she felt like she fell in love! Graham didn’t notice her for a few weeks until they finally met through some common friends at another rehearsal and instantly they had a connection. They both REALLY liked each other for years, FIVE to be exact! But never dated and just hung-out as friends. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and after five years, Graham ran out after Hailey one night as she was walking to her car and asked her out…funny thing is she said “not right now”. So Graham waited for her for over six months and they finally started dating and after almost 3 years…here we are! Their friends have been telling them since Graham and Hailey first met that they were meant for each other, they are certainly glad they finally listened after all this time!! *wink*


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I was excited to play with this dress, no surprise there! *wink*

I know I say this all the time but as a parent I can imagine what’s Hailey’s Mom is thinking now and all the memories that are replaying

One of my favourite parts of the day, when dad gets to see his baby girl in her wedding dress for the first time, LOVE IT!!

I can’t say enough about this wedding party, Hailey and Graham are so blessed to have such amazing friends that love them so much!

This was my favourite image from the day, just love how soft it feels.  Doesn’t hurt to have a GORGEOUS bride either! *wink*

OMG!! I gotta tell you about this. Hailey and Graham did their one version of a reveal.  But they still never saw each other before the ceremony.

Hailey and Graham are huge Extreme Frisbee players so they thought what better way to deliver the rings but on a frisbee!! How cool is that!!

One of Hailey’s bridesmaids surprised the newlywed couple with a song she specifically wrote them.  Actually it will be in-stores later this year!!

CAN YOU SAY BEAUTIFUL!!! Absolutely Stunning girl!

Big-ups to the Waterloo Inn and Above and Beyond Styles for doing an amazing job with the reception!

The is just a preliminary for whats to come!! *wink*

Just another example about how this couple marches to their own drum.  Half through the parents dances everyone broke into a flash dance and took everyone by surprise including me! *lol*

It went like this all night long!!