Waterloo Engagement Photos :: Caitlin+Matt

Hey Gang!

Caitlin & Matt wanted to do their engagement session in the city where their romance began – Waterloo!

We love engagement sessions for many reasons – Firstly it gives our couples a glimpse into what it will be like to have their photo taken on their wedding day. We always tell them that it will be a lot easier on their big day because there is a whole lot more going on – but an engagement session is a nice way to break the ice with the camera. Not just that, it gives US an opportunity to get to know THEM better. We may be photographers, but we are also people too *lol*. We enjoy getting to know our couples on a personal level and forming new friendships. The engagement session is an awesome opportunity for that and it is how several of our lifelong friendships started! Lastly, we love that it is an opportunity for our couples to connect. In the chaos of wedding planning and everyday life, we love that those few hours of photo taking are a chance to really be present with each other and reconnect.

Caitlin and Matt were pros and we had an awesome time with them – we can’t wait for the big day!!

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