Waterfront Burlington Ontario Engagement :: Lisa-Marie + Paul

Hey Gang,

Back from New Orleans or should I say “NAWLINS” I gotta say this was exactly what the doctor ordered!  Im feeling rejuvenated and absolutely excited for this years couples, I hope they can handle for whats to come! *wink*  Speaking of which, we have some HUGE, MASSIVE, EXTRAORDINARY changes in the works.  Trust me your gonna love them!! *wink**wink*

On the same note we have an Extraordinary couple getting married this week and Im super excited to be showing their Life-Style photos today.  Lisa and Paul had seen me in action at Rachel & Carlos’s wedding a couple of years ago, matter of fact if you visit their blog post you might recognize the “DANCING MACHINE” *wink*  Thats right its Paul!  I can’t wait to see what he breaks out with this Saturday.  Make sure you come back to check it out!