Blink :: Brittany+Ethan

Hey Gang,

It truly doesn’t matter how many times I photograph a wedding, I don’t ever lose sight of the fact that this day is special. It is special to the bride and groom, to their parents and the family and friends sharing this amazing day. And it is special to me! What an honour to be present at one of life’s most important events!! Someone once asked me, “Don’t you get tired of it Bassem? It’s the same thing every week, bride gets ready, groom gets ready, groom sees bride, first kiss, first dance, cake cutting…” And while he was right, the same things typically do happen, it is between those moments that I really get a rush. It is before the bride walks down the aisle and I catch a glimpse of the groom letting out a big, deep breath or the kisses that are snuck throughout the day – the ones that aren’t staged or prompted…or the tiny stories that I hear from family and friends, showing me time and time again that every wedding is unique and every couple is so special.

Brittany’s mom shared that, like many little girls, when Brittany was younger she loved everything princess. So, to make her sweet daughter feel as special as she was, her mom told her a little something, “You can’t tell anyone this, it is a big secret, but you are a REAL princess!” Brittany’s eyes widened and her mom recalls that for years she held onto this little secret as truth.

When I saw this photo of Brittany I couldn’t help but be taken aback by this moment. A beautiful girl in a gorgeous gown, taking a minute for herself before she became Ethan’s wife. She looked like a princess. Only Brittany knows what she was thinking while she was looking out the window, taking this moment in. But I like to think she was feeling the same butterflies that she did when her mom told her she was a real princess.

When you first hold your baby in your arms you think you have so much time. They have their whole lives ahead of them and when you go through rough patches, like the teenage years, you wonder if you’ll ever get through it. But the truth is, it goes by so quickly. Those little moments, stories we tell to add a little magic to their lives and rough patches are there and gone the next day.

Capturing Brittany’s moment alone will always be a reminder to her of what she was thinking on that day during those silent seconds. After I hit the shutter, she turned, smiled and said “I thought you were gone?” No, I couldn’t leave before I got this photo, because as we know…you blink and it’s gone.

Come back tomorrow to see the rest of this special day…