Walper Hotel :: Brittany+Ethan

Hey Gang!

Today we have Brittany & Ethan’s beautiful Spring wedding. These two had such a gorgeous day and I was so honoured to be a part of it to witness all the wonderful little moments between moments!

It is amazing how quickly your life changes when you find “the one’ and it was no different for these two. They say opposites attract, & in this love story they truly did. Ethan grew up in the country and Brittany grew up in the city. They met at church, a place that meant the most to both of them, but as people they were very different. Ethan is a realist and Brittany is a dreamer. They had their first date at Chapters where Brittany showed him a decent sized diamond (jokingly of course!) and then Williams as they talked the night away (literally!). She recalls the sparkle in his eyes and the mystery in them. He recalls the way she fluttered around the shelves of books at Chapters without a care in the world. They completely and entirely complimented each other in every way. After their first date, a new life for the both of them bloomed instantly…& they lived happily ever after.

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I absolutely love this moment from that day.  Ethan’s dad gave such a heartwarming speech and being a son/father myself, seeing this gave me goosebumps.