Victoria Hall Wedding :: Rachael+Adam

Hey Gang!

Rachael & Adam have been “long distance” for much of their relationship, so you can imagine that they’re SUPER pumped to be husband and wife!  Their Cobourg wedding was full of meaninful, romantic touches and they fit who they are to a ‘T’.

Here’s what they had to say about their special day…

He said:

When I first saw her in her wedding dress…it was very surreal. I’ll be the first to admit that I had some butterflies, but as she walked down the aisle, I remember having a big smile and saying to myself “wow, she looks absolutely beautiful.” When we first got engaged, 2 years seemed like a lifetime and I couldn’t believe that this was all finally happening. As I shook her father’s hand and Rachael squeezed mine, I realized that everything was the way it should be. When I look back on the ceremony, I still don’t remember anyone else being in the Church, the only thing I remember is how Rachael looked in her veil and dress as she walked down the aisle.

My favourite moment…was at the end of the night for two reasons: 1) Everyone was having a blast on the dance floor and 2) When Rachael and I snuck away to get ready to leave, everything began to sink in. It was just the two of us and for 10 minutes we had a chance to reflect on everything that just happened. It was at that moment that I finally realized that we were married and Rachael was my wife! (It still feels weird saying it.)

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…was the Prom Parade. In the morning, we found out that Cobourg has an annual prom parade and it happened to be the same night. As we took photos with Bass around town, we were surprised that on one of their most important nights of their lives, the kids attending prom took the time to congratulate us, clap and even cheer when we walked past them. During that same time, we also ran into some little girls that wanted to take a picture with “the princess” (Rachael). To see complete strangers excited for us was a real unexpected and humbling moment for me.

She said:

When I first saw him all dressed up….it immediately calmed me. I was so terrified of being the centre of attention and knowing that all eyes would be on me. However, when the church doors opened and Adam turned around with his bright blue eyes were staring back at me, I knew everything was ok. At that moment, my nervousness transformed into excitement.

My favourite moment…is nearly impossible to choose! That’s like asking me to pick a favourite family member. Alright, it was probably when Adam and I stepped out of the hall to get ready to leave for the airport. Seems like a strange choice but that was the time where we had a few minutes of quiet time to take in everything that went on (and was still going on). All of the people we loved most were dancing and partying together like they have always been family, all of the details that we took so long to plan came together, the ceremony was beautiful and everyone noted that they felt welcomed, and “holy crap! We just got married”. It was the perfect moment of reflection. So glad we had that.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…when my Dad took my hand for the father daughter dance and “Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon came on. I credit my parents for introducing me to good music. Growing up oldies was always on in the car, and I watched Paul Simon’s Graceland concert in South Africa more than any Disney movie. I suppose I shouldn’t have been so taken aback by the song choice for our dance, but it was such a special moment. It was perfect!

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