BLINK :: Rachael+Adam

Hey Gang!

We believe it is the ways in which a couple incorporates who they are into their wedding day that makes each and every one unique. Week after week, every wedding is meaningful because the details chosen or traditions carried on speaks to the couple, their families and friends.

Adam and Rachael met through one of Adam’s Sigma Chi Fraternity brothers who happened to be Rachael’s roommate. At the wedding, Adam and some of his fraternity brothers sang a song to Rachael – it is called the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. It is a traditional fraternity song that was written in 1911 to celebrate the special ladies in their lives – and this is his sweetheart. It is an opportunity to honour a woman that is special to him, which is why Adam planned to perform this with his Fraternity brothers.

One minute you meet a girl through a friend and the next you are singing a special song with all of your fraternity brothers at your wedding to your sweetheart – it all seems to happen in a *blink*!
Come back soon for more from their beautiful day!