Vacation Family Photographer :: Christine + Jorge + Sarah

Hey Gang,
So this was my first destination family shoot. I’d love to tell you that Christine and Jorge Flew me to Punta Cana for family photography but that wouldn’t necessarily be true *lol* Ya’ll remember Amanda + Andy’s wedding right? If not click here *wink* So Christine, being Amanda’s cousin, thought “hey why not get some family shots done while we’re all here?” She sent me a message on Facebook telling me she’s been a long time blog-stalker of mine and was wondering if I do family photos? Its funny how things work, in the past I would do a few here and there but now that I’m shooting them in more of a relaxed setting I’ve come to really love doing them. As I mentioned, this was my first – hopefully the first of many!! *Muuuaaaah* (thats my evil “going to take over the world laugh” if you didn’t know) *wink* Oh Yeah! Check out my FB to see the rest.