Trump Hotel Engagement :: Nadia+Nelson

Hey Gang!

Nelson and I go way back…all the way to our College days!! He and I used to carpool back and forth to Conestoga and at that time I had no idea I would be a photographer, let alone be the one to document his big day. Fast forward “a few” years *wink* and here he is with the woman of his dreams, Nadia. They’re such a super sweet couple…complimenting each other perfectly.

When we first met with them to discuss their wedding, we knew that when we did their engagement session it had to be HOT – just like the two of them! So, we ended up spending the afternoon in downtown Toronto at Trump Tower and captured some wonderful moments between this sexy duo. Afterwards, they took us to their favourite Sushi place. Now, Lori isn’t the biggest fan of sushi and I could tell on her face that she was trying to keep on a brave face…but let me tell you all, that place was INCREDIBLE and Lori now considers herself a huge sushi fan *lol*

We’re SO pumped for their big day in July!!!

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