You+me :: WHY?

Hey Gang!

I was thinking today about my style of photography and how I love capturing an amazing moment at a wedding; one that isn’t staged, manufactured or completely uncomfortable. There isn’t anything about “Ok, now put your arm here..and then tilt your head to the right..Ok, now put your hand on his chest, move over a bit, smile, now act serious..” that evokes a nice memory of a moment *lol*. All you’re really thinking is, “Wow, that was kinda awkward..”. I’d much rather a photo take you back to the story of the day, remembering that when I hit the shutter, the groom was telling his bride that she looked absolutely stunning, or a father of the bride was completely overwhelmed by the sight of his gorgeous daughter in her wedding gown. You can’t make those moments up..and that is why they’re priceless.

So then that got me thinking about my “You+Me” photos. Over the years I have absolutely loved the creativity, fun and laughs that these photos have brought. At the same time, I thought “Wait a second, you’re the guy that loves documenting the day as it happens..the candid moments! Isn’t the You+Me a total contradiction!?” But then I really thought about it…and the You+Me is more than a posed shot. It is more than a manufactured memory. To me, the photos represent the relationship I’ve built with my couples over the year that we get to know each other before their wedding day. It reminds me that by the time I am shooting a couples wedding, I feel like I’m not only there as a photographer, but as a guest as well. I can’t begin to tell you how special it is to arrive on the wedding day and feel totally embraced like family, and this happens time and time again.

At the end of the day, those photos mean so much to me. They’re a keepsake that I have to remind me of all the amazing friendships I’ve made over the years. They’re a representation of a journey from initial meeting to wedding day. And let’s face it….they’re SO much fun! *wink*