Things About Me :: Positive Thinking

Hey Gang!

Nothing brightens up a Monday more than thinking about how many things I have to be thankful for. I think it is easy sometimes to slip into negativity, looking at the things we want to change about our lives rather than the things that we want to stay the same. I know I am not the only one who woke up this morning and thought “Ugh..Monday”, but that quickly turned around when I went to my desk and saw an envelope addressed to me and my son Gabe. Everyday it is the same routine, after lunch I head over to the mailbox to see what bills I will have to pay or sort through the junk mail that seems to just get bigger and bigger. But last week I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that envelope addressed to my son and I. There isn’t anything like the feeling of knowing there is something in the mailbox that isn’t bills or flyers!! When I got home and opened the envelope, I saw that it was an invitation to Brittany & Ethan’s wedding (one of my 2013 couples)! HOW SWEET! Now, we all know that they didn’t have to send the invitation, we would’ve been there no matter what *wink*, but it put such big smile on my face.

This morning when I sat at my desk, I saw that sweet gesture sitting there. Suddenly, my “Ugh….Monday” attitude melted away. I already knew I had the best couples and already felt so blessed to have them in my life, but this was a gentle reminder to focus on the positive. Afterall, there is SO much of it!!

So…what do you all have to be thankful for on this not-so-negative Monday morning? *wink*