BLINK :: Natalia+Ihor

Hey Gang!

Seeing people have a good time at a wedding is one of the reasons we do wedding photography. We’ve all been in this situation where we’re having such an amazing time that we just wish time would slow down or freeze. Capturing our couples and their guests having fun is about as close to freezing time as possible.

Throughout the years of documenting weddings we have seen a lot…we’ve watched people give it all they’ve got doing the running man, funky chicken and then there’s freestylin’ grandmas…but we’ve never seen anything like Natalia & Ihor’s dance party!!

We were told by the guests we shared a table with that we should brace ourselves for some “amazing dancing” but what we saw was better than anything we could have expected. It was like Dancing with the Stars meets Cirque Du Soleil! EVERYONE knew how to dance, had an insane amount of rhythm and talent and threw in a little acrobatics to mix things up!

There’s only one thing as fun as being the one who gets to party, and that’s capturing the party!

Come back soon for more moments of their wedding day.