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Hey Gang!

Since the dawn of the digital age, people have been taking MORE pictures which gets me SO excited! But on the flip side, we’ve all been guilty of storing our photos on our phones, computers, cameras, etc. How often is it that we go the next step and get those photos printed? There is something really wonderful about holding a print in your hand or seeing it framed. And that’s exactly why we were drawn to a particular wall in Lamisse’s Grandmother’s house.

On the day of her wedding, Lamisse got ready at her grandmother’s house while her guests waited for her to come down. I went around getting some candids and then looked over and saw a wall full of wedding photos. Generations of photos, every one of them different and all telling a unique story. As I looked at it, Lamisse’s aunt came over and proudly said “Next, it will be Lamisse & Nassim’s photo up there with the rest”. It is such an honour to know that one of our photos will make it on “the wall”, adding to the family’s history.

Come back soon for more from Lamisse & Nassim’s beautiful wedding day!