Toronto Engagement :: Amanda + Andy

Hey Gang,

Morning y’all!  I always love saying that but feel that I can’t get away with it being from Canada eh?  Regardless if its eh or ya’ll today is a great day!!  Why? Cause I decided it will be and it doesn’t hurting posting images of a GORGEOUS couple!  I met Amanda almost 5 years ago at a wedding I was shooting, she was our bride’s makeup artist.  We said our hellos and pleasantries but I didn’t think to much past that until I got her email saying she was getting married.  I’ll admit she did look familiar when we all met but couldn’t put my finger on it.  She then tells me how we know each other and after meeting me that day and seeing the images from that wedding she told Andy that no one else would do their wedding *lol*  So now you can imagine why I’m so PUMPED to be shooting this wedding and its not just because their both SUPER HOT!! *wink*  Seriously though when I get couples that are as excited about us as we are about them you can’t help but love what you do and want to share it with everyone!  So today is officially a GREAT DAY!!   We’ll see ya’ll soon!!   btw you can see the rest of their photos on my Facebook, so check them out!! *wink*