Things About Us :: It’s More Than Just Photos

Hey Gang!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – it’s about more than just photos. Now, some of you might be asking “But you’re a photographer – photos is what you do!” and while that is very true, what we do can’t stop at pictures. For us, it is about becoming our couples friends because a) They’re AWESOME people, so why wouldn’t we want to hang with them!? *lol* and b) We genuinely want our couples to have an amazing wedding day. So we aren’t the photographers that stand on the sidelines and snap pictures all day while we let typical wedding stresses unfold. Instead, we do what we can to help the day go as smoothly as possible. We fluff dresses, put on boutonnieres, secure floral arrangements to pews and we turn to youtube to figure out how to tie a groom’s bowtie (which we take very seriously as can be seen in my facial expression below *LOL*) the morning of a wedding. If it needs to get done, we do it – because it matters that our bride and groom are stress free and have the wedding of their dreams. The beauty of us being a team of two means that one of us can continue to shoot if the other is taking care of things to ensure the BEST experience for our couple.

It’s about more than just photos….it’s about having beautiful moments captured and knowing that if any minor glitch happens…your friends will take care of it.