Things About Me::This Year’s Halloween Costume

Hey Gang,

Halloween is around the corner!! Remember the days when Mom sent you out trick or treating with a sheet over your head and said “You’re a ghost!”, or the also very clever but equally as spooky toilet paper mummy?! That got me thinking, for this year’s Halloween costume, I don’t need to spend any extra money. I’ve already got a killer outfit that can work for many different looks. I was shooting a wedding recently, wearing my “Saturday Best”, when a guest at my table excitedly asked, “When does the show start!?” I looked to my left, then to my right and realized, he was indeed talking to me. With my eyebrows raised and a puzzled look written all over my face, I said “What show?” My table buddy’s expression changed too – the excitement left his eyes and he mirrored me with an equally puzzled look, “Oh? I thought you were a magician”. *LOL*

This conversation was not only funny, but it sparked my imagination! Aside from a super spiffy photographer, what else could I be mistaken as? To top it all off, I could be resourceful, just like in the good old days, and use a variation of my “Wedding” look for Halloween. Check out all the options below!!………Mom will be proud *wink*



First up, here’s me as Pee Wee Herman (minus the criminal record) *wink*

This one is for my table buddy! Aracadabra, photographer one minute *POOF* Magician the next!

And for obvious reasons…Given my physique and good looks *LOL*