Things About Me :: The Punch Buggy Game

Hey Gang,

If you have ever been in the car with me, or have gone on a nice stroll down the street in my company, it is typically a pleasant experience. While most of my mind is totally engaged in our conversation, the other part of it is scouring the streets for “them”. Yes, “them”. What are they, you might ask? I’m talking about the Volkswagen Beetle, That’s right, I am still a dedicated player of the “Punch Buggy” game and no one is immune to a good punch (or two…or 15 *wink*) if I see one. Not only do I love to play, I’ve created my own set of special rules.


So, here is what you can expect if we’re together and I see a:

Regular VW Beetle – 1 punch

Convertible – 2 punches Yellow – 2 punches

Yellow Convertible – 3 punches

Here’s where it gets REALLY interesting, throw an old-shcool bug in the mix and you can expect….

Vintage – 5 punches

Vintage Yellow – 10 punches

And the Holy Grail of the Punch Buggy game……….VINTAGE YELLOW CONVERTIBLE….15 punches!


Now, don’t give me that sour look when you’re holding/rubbing your sore arm….you’ve been warned *wink*. Oh I almost forgot the best part! On July 10 everything doubles. WHY? Because on July 10th, 1952 the VW Beetle came to Canada.