Things About Me :: The Day My Brother and I Went Mountain Climbing

Hey Gang,


I want to start off this post by saying despite today’s post and what you might have read in past blogs about my childhood…I really wasn’t an aggressive child maybe just one with an over active imagination! *wink*


So as most kids growing up in a small town, we found it challenging at times to keep ourselves occupied. On this particular day, actually it was a Saturday during summer holidays, my brother and I were watching TV. More specifically watching Roadrunner and Coyote, OMG Im getting old! *lol* Anyways in this episode, just like all of them, Coyote is chasing the Roadrunner and coming up with some “Incredibly Ingenious” schemes to catch him. Tying a rocket to his back, using a human catapult and of course TNT to blow something up! In this episode he bought some mountain gear from: of course, you guessed it ACME industries! *lol* So I looked at my brother who’s 4 years younger than me and very impressionable and said (follow the script)


Bassem: “Man! That looks cool! Steve you wanna go mountain climbing?”

Steve: looks at me hesitates for a moment and says “will I get hurt again?”

Bassem: “Not this time!”

Steve: “Are you sure? it really hurt last time!”

Bassem: “Steve stop being a baby!”

Steve: “I’m not a baby! Im over 3 years old!!”


So I went into the basement and got tire tube, some rope and told Steve to meet me at the top of the stairs! I put the tube around Steve’s waist and tied one end of the rope to the tube and the other end to me. I looked at Steve and asked him if he was ready? He looked at me with anticipation, eyes full of excitement and hope and it all dwindled away as I kicked him off the top step and saw him tumbling down the steps, one by one. Being so enthralled by Steve’s adventure I forgot that I tied the rope to my waist and as Steve reached the bottom I got to the end of my rope as they say! *wink* All of the sudden I was pulled off the top step but, realizing my baby brother was counting on me, I managed to grab the bannister and brace myself. I remember saying “I GOT YOU STEVEY I won’t let us go!!” I looked down to Steve with his eyes full of tears and said “OK! I got you! Now climb!!” By this time my mother had heard all the ruckus and came running from the kitchen and ask what was going on!!!! Steve looked back at our mom and said “LOOK MOM I’M MOUNTAIN CLIMBING!!”