Things About Me :: The Day I Pushed My Best Friend Off a Roof

Hey Gang,
Lets just say that as a child I had an active imagination and it would get me into some “interesting” situations. One particular moment in my life that I will never forget was when I thought my best friend was a super hero, yes thats right I really thought he was a caped crusader saving the world from wrong doers *wink* Now I know your all asking what the heck made me think he was a super hero??? Simple, he would always be disappearing using the excuse his mother was calling him, remember when I said “active imagination” I would imagine the moment he left that a massive devastation was happening somewhere in the world that he was attending to and every time the world was safe from danger he would be (Larry), popping up conveniently asking me “what did I miss” *lol*. Now like all super heroes he had special powers and I was certain that flying was one of them…see where were going with this? So one day Larry and I decided it would be cool to climb his parents’ shed. I was convinced it was Larry’s idea, to make sure the world was safe by gaining a better vantage point. Come to think about it, it might have been my idea! *lol* So there I was on the roof with a super hero guarding the world. I wanted to prove to Larry that his secret identity was safe with me. I thought the only logical way of doing this was by him revealing that fact he was a super hero. I knew he wasn’t going to tell me BUT he could show me. At that moment I was hit by pure genius and my idea made total sense. At that split second, I ran towards Larry and pushed him off the roof knowing full well that he would fly and ask me not to tell anyone and I would be his side-kick!! So did he fly?? I know the suspense is killing you and for a few seconds he did, maybe it was because the roof was 9 feet high. To my shock he hit the ground and at that moment my hopes and dreams were crushed along with Larry’s arm. He looked up at me and said “WHY???” I never ended up telling him, I was way too embarrassed. Later that day my parents brought me to Larry’s house to see how he was doing. Larry’s arm was all wrapped up but not broken, of course not!! Heroes can’t brake bones! As my active imagination kick started again, leaving the room I looked back at Larry and said “I know” and winked at him.