Things About Me :: My Secret Past

Hey Gang!

Ever wonder how people end up in the careers they’re in? Lucky for us, our favourite teachers, the cook at that amazing restaurant, the hair dresser that leaves you looking GREAT, etc. all wound up doing what they do! We all have some kind of a path that leads us there and everyone has a different story.

Whenever I meet a new couple, I always tell them the story about how I became a photographer. Well, I tell them the short version of the story. The true, unedited version is one I never like to tell…but it is time to come clean. For years, I have avoided this part of my story, remembering the trauma of the neighbourhood kids chanting that song..taunting me!! I’m taking a huge risk in sharing this part of my life story with you all, but I can’t live with the secret much longer…….and besides, you guys are awesome *wink* So, what was one of my many stepping stones in my path to becoming a photographer?

drum roll……………………………………….

I was a Dickie Dee!! Although my ego took a hit that summer, my calves never looks so good from all that bike riding!! *LOL*