Things About Me :: My Parents First Halloween

Hey Gang!

Happy Halloween to y’all! Every year when Halloween rolls around and I see the kids going door-to-door with their big bags of candy I think of my parents and their first Halloween in Canada. Let’s just say, someone forgot to give these new immigrants the Halloween memo *lol*. My parents lived in an appartment building, and on a quiet Fall evening, they hear a knock at the door. “Who could that be?” they wondered. Being new to the country, my parents didn’t know many people at that time and they weren’t expecting company. They went to the door and saw kids standing there, all of them wearing masks, holding bags and chanting the same phrase over and over again. “What do they want?” my Mom asked my Dad. My Dad looked down the hallway and saw a neighbour putting something into another kid’s bag, “I think we’re supposed to give them something.” he replied. So my parents scrambled and grabbed some apples to put into the kids’ bags. They shut the door and thought to themselves, “That was weird!”, and there was another knock at the door. This time different kids. So apples it was again, and that continued until the apples ran out. “What do we give them now?” my dad asked. My Mom went frantically through the cupboards and grabbed a bag. Can you imagine the look on the kid’s face when he looked into his bag and saw a handful of………..rice???? *LOL*

My parents got the memo, it’s a safe bet that they will not be giving out rice this year. *wink*