Things About Me (My First Bike)

Hey Gang,
I’ll never forget the day when my dad came home from work with my very first bike! I remember being in awe of its beauty and mammoth size and thinking that all the kids would totally dig my new wheels! *lol* Yes this bike was definitely too big for me but my dad must of gotten a good deal and I didn’t care, I just wanted to ride! What really stands out about this memory is how my dad taught me. He picked me up, placed me on the seat, and held my seat and handle bars to keep me in balance. Then my dad ran alongside of me until he felt I was in balance and would be able to stay that way on my own. At that moment he let go and I was riding!! WoooHoo there was no stopping me! I was a free man!! The lesson that my dad forgot to teach me was how to stop. So picture this Egyptian man with a thick accent chasing me and yelling “Whats wrong with you, Stop!!” *lol* So I ended up slamming into the neighbours 1980 Chevy Nova that was built like a tank! My dad came over, made sure I was ok and said “good thing you didn’t scratch the car door!” *LOL* Love my pops! This was the bike that all my friends would be jealous of! *wink* I also found a video to give you an idea about my ordeal.