Things About Me (Most Cherished Gift)

Hey Gang,
This week I want to talk about one of my most cherished possessions that I was given as a gift. It’s not my Nikon D3s or my 70-200 that I spoke about last week, or my 45mm TS that I definitely need to talk about one day and it’s not even George. It is a camera that one of my couples gave to me. Looking back now, I’ve been blessed to be shooting weddings for couples who value photography and see it more than just “picture snapping”. When it came to Alicia and Matt this was more than just an appreciation, photography was their life. Let me back up, I still remember meeting Alicia for the first time at my studio and opening the door to her whole family, yup thats right Mom and Dad were there too! This was the first time ever that I had both sets of parents at a consultation. As the night continued and the conversation got louder and funnier, I learned that photos were a part of this family’s life, having documented everything from Alicia’s arrival to her first steps, bike ride, school dance….get the point? *wink* So when it came to her wedding they needed to make sure that they chose a person who not only took “dope” photos *wink* but realized what they were doing and the impact they were having on their family history. Alicia’s father briefly mentioned a camera that his grandfather used all the time, that he now had. He recalled his grandfather always having this camera with him to capture their family moments. So fast forward one and half years later and I arrive at Alicia’s house on her wedding day to be welcomed by a huge hug and a fancy decorated bag. She told me before I opened it that her family wanted me to have this and thought that I would truly appreciate and value the meaning behind it, so when I reached down and pulled out Grandpa’s camera I was absolutely speechless – and anyone who knows me, knows that is no easy feat *wink* I’ll admit a few tears were shed as well but I won’t say from who! *lol* To have a couple give me a family heirloom such as this made me realize what we do is more than “Picture Takers” we are documenters, quiet observers, historians that go along capturing the most celebrated day of our couples’ lives.