The Manor by Peter & Paul Wedding :: Nancy+Mike

“First and foremost we hope you had a wonderful and relaxing long weekend!! Secondly, we would like to thank you for sharing our day with us. You made us feel so at ease and you really were an integral part in our day. You took care of every detail and ensured everyone was comfortable and we could not thank you enough!!!! You guys are the best there is and we are so lucky we found you!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”  – Nancy & Mike

Hey Gang!

Nancy & Mike were married and had a beautiful Spring wedding at The Manor by Peter and Paul’s in Kettleby, ON. It was a day full of emotions for a couple that could not be more suited for each other. The party, as we expected after meeting the bridal party, was off the charts. The dance floor was never empty and we can imagine that there were several people that woke up with sore feet the next day *lol*. We had so much fun documenting every detail, moment and emotion of their wedding day.

Nancy & Mike, thank you SO much for having us be such a special part of you wedding. Getting to know you guys over the past year has been such a pleasure and we can’t wait to see you both again soon. Coffee?? *wink*

Now, while we love to talk, *lol*, we also LOVE to hear what our couple thought of the day they planned and planned for months. Here’s Nancy & Mike’s impressions of their wedding day…

She said:

When I first saw him all dressed up at the end of that aisle, I could not help but think about how lucky I am!!!!! I don’t think I have ever felt so giddy and excited in my entire life.

My favorite moment had to be our first dance. It was like nobody else was in that giant room other than him and I. I saw nobody else but him in that moment.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect was definitely the beautiful moments we both shared with my brothers. I was not expecting them to be so emotional, but it made for such precious memories I will never ever forget.

He said:

I was really, really anxious to get that first glimpse of her. I remember trying to look as far down the aisle as I could while the wedding party was walking in to try and sneak a peak just to ease my nerves a bit but they did a really good job of keeping her hidden from me. When her and I finally did lock eyes I just remember being in complete awe of how beautiful she looked. I was so excited and overwhelmed, I couldn’t wait to marry her.

My favourite moment was probably when I was watching the father/daughter dance. It was at this time that I really took a moment to take a deep breath and take everything in. My wife looked stunning and really genuinely happy as she danced with her father, everyone was having a great time by the looks of it and I felt really comfortable and happy that she was happy and with the way the day had gone until that moment.

Something that I wasn’t expecting was the way my brother handled his speech. He really blew me away with how well he carried it out, the message he delivered and how funny it was. It was really a stand out moment in the day for me and one I’ll cherish forever.
Catch a glimpse of Nancy & Mike’s wedding day below! And for more photos, visit our Facebook Page.



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