The Doctor’s House Wedding :: Lori + Jim

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You know those sweet couples you meet that just win you over?  This is them!!  Right from the start I fell in love with Lori and Jim from listening to their amazing story  and so will you! *wink*  big ups to Walter at Decor with Grandeur for doing amazing job at capturing Lori’s vision and the management and staff at the Doctor’s house, food and service was amazing!! Finally to my amazing bridal party and family I had such a blast with you, maybe well do it again in the future! *wink*  To my amazing Couple, Gabe and I are truly honoured to have captured your wedding day.  I cant think of a better place to spend my day off! (inside joke) *wink* Enough with me, lets hear all about his amazing couple.  Oh Yeah! you can check out the rest of the photos on my Facebook Page



Jim and Lori attended the same high school, Korah Collegiate in Sault Ste. Marie. They even had a class together but never actually knew each other. At their school’s 30th reunion in October, 2007, they discovered that they had mutual friends and were introduced at one of the events (one of Lori’s closest friends actually went to kindergarten with Jim). They may have spoken for just a few minutes but Jim struck Lori as a very kind, loving and dedicated man to his wife and family. Unfortunately, two months later, Jim’s wife was tragically killed and the Korah family rallied by keeping in touch with Jim and checking in on him to see if there was anything we could do.

Over the months, Jim and Lori exchanged emails, catching up with mutual acquaintances. At one point Jim invited all of his Korah friends on Facebook to give him a call or drop him a note if they were ever in theToronto area and would like to get together for dinner or a drink. Lori was heading out to see some friends a few months later in London and then was travelling through Toronto to Kingston to visit her daughter at university. Jim suggested that if she had time, they should get together for lunch or dinner to catch up on the latest gossip since the reunion. This casual lunch or dinner will forever be remembered as the date that wasn’t a date. Lori agreed to meet Jim for dinner and over the next few months they continued to exchange emails and started to get to know each other.

Lori headed to Toronto and stayed with some family living there. She was so excited and nervous about having dinner with Jim…but it was only dinner, right? She went out and bought a new outfit hoping it would look just right and spent the afternoon getting ready, fussing with her hair and makeup. She was still so nervous she could hardly wait.

Jim arrived at the house and Lori introduced him to her cousins. He escorted her to the car and opened the door…. a perfect gentleman. Once he got into the car, he reached behind the car seat and handed her a beautiful red rose. They had dinner at the Harrop Restaurant, an elegant colonial mansion in Milton that Jim selected (he claims it was close to where Lori was staying). They talked for hours and ended up closing the restaurant (at one point they noticed the staff gathered together watching them – or rather wanting them to hurry up so they could go home). Neither wanted the evening to end, so they drove all the way back to Mississauga to Abbey Road, a local pub, to squeeze a little more time together. After that, Jim took Lori home to her cousins, walked her to the door and gave her a gentle kiss good night. She floated up the stairs to her room replaying the whole evening over and over again. The next morning, Lori called her best friend in London at 6 a.m. and told her it was the best date of her life (although it wasn’t a date). Jim called her later that day and asked if he could see her again. Lori was thrilled but didn’t think that things would work with them living so far apart. She was wrong, very, very wrong.

Over the next several months, Jim and Lori talked, texted or emailed each other every single day. They discovered that over the years, their lives had paralleled each others. They went to the same college (different years), they had many mutual acquaintances, their children were the same ages and Jim’s parents lived about a mile and half down the road from Lori in Sault Ste. Marie.

Jim planned their first official date in August of 2009. They headed to Niagara-on-the-Lake and stayed at a quaint, beautiful B&B called the Blue House. Jim planned the most romantic weekend including strolls through the beautiful village, a couple’s massage at the Pillar and Post, a cellar dinner and concert at Jackson Triggs winery, with a handsome cab ride at the end of the night. Arriving back at the Blue house, their room was drenched in candlelight, chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries sat on the night table while rose petals covered the bed. Jim and Lori had a weekend that will never be forgotten and made them more determined than ever to find a way to make their long distance relationship work.

Over the next couple of years, They had stolen moments every chance they could – meeting in Toronto, Sudbury, London, and Sault Ste. Marie. They learned many things about each other, sharing their favorite things and introducing each other to new experiences. Jim shared his many interests including his love of rock music (taking Lori to her first Bruce Springsteen concert) and racing. Knowing how much he “loved” country music, Lori dragged him kicking and screaming to a country concert featuring Rascal Flatts. Just don’t ask him about Taylor Swift…although Lori insists he did enjoy himself…even if he tries to deny it.



And so there they were in the summer of 2011, three years into their long distance relationship, everything going great, and Jim suggests they go on a vacation to Las Vegas (he loves going to Vegas and tries to visit at least once a year). Lori knew he wasn’t much of a gambler so she would be lying if she said she wasn’t suspicious that something was up (like maybe a quickie wedding)! He asked her to let him plan the entire trip (not much to ask really, if there is one thing she’s learned about Jim, he knows how to plan a good time).

So they left for Vegas in July and Lori wasn’t sure how she would react (assuming she was right about his intentions). On the first evening he took her to his favourite restaurant Sinatra’s at the Wynn hotel. The meal was amazing and the personal attention of the sommelier was a treat. After dinner they strolled through the casino and Lori noticed that there were a lot of people wearing cowboy hats and boots. Jim played it casual and when they walked past the ticket booth for the evening show, it all made sense – Garth Brooks was doing a one man show. Jim asked if she liked his music and she said “of course!! I’ve always wanted to see him!” He said that was a good thing, otherwise the tickets he pulled out of his pocket would have been a waste! Lori couldn’t believe it; she was going to see Garth Brooks. But that was just the beginning. Jim handed the usher their tickets and they began to follow him to their seats… the second row!!!!!! They could have reach out and touch Garth (if they would have let them!).

Jim followed this up with more shows, a helicopter lunch on the floor of the Grand Canyon…he overwhelmed her (but then again, she’s come to expect that). Needless to say, the thought of a proposal or quickie wedding was gone after the first couple of days…exactly Jim’s plan.

So on what they now call Engagement Day, they headed to the pool in the morning. As lunchtime approached, they got up and headed back to the room – that is until Jim made a left turn and Lori followed him into the Aria Hotel Spa reception area. It seems that Mr. Verdoni had booked a spa suite for the afternoon with a number of pampering treatments for both of them. Could it get any better? Well 5 hours later, They headed to the room to dress for dinner at the Eifel Tower Restaurant in the Paris Hotel.

When Lori and Jim were first dating, she went to Paris with her daughter. On one of the evenings she called Jim from the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower and wanted him to know that although this was the most romantic place on earth, without him, it was nothing. Jim figured asking her to go to Paris would have given away his whole plan so Vegas would have to substitute. The idea was to have a nice dinner, order the same wine that Lori brought Jim back from Paris and then after dinner, head to the tower’s observation deck and propose. Sounded simple, well thought out and organized, right? Wrong!

After a wonderful dinner, they took the elevator up to the observation deck. Did I mention Jim is terrified of heights? Well as the door opened, he quickly realized that this wasn’t going to work. There was no solid floor so you could see right down to the street below. That was it for Jim. He hung on to the inside rail while Lori took pictures of the Vegas strip. Time for Plan B except he really didn’t have a Plan B!

They took the elevator down and started to walk along the strip. Since they were close to the Bellagio Fountains Jim suggested they walk over and watch the final show. They found a quiet spot away from the crowds and snuggled together as the show began. Jim thought it was wonderful and so very special standing there with Lori in his arms. As the music stopped and the fountains went still, Lori turned to Jim and said that this had been the most special day of her life. Jim turned to face her and asked her “Do you know what would make this day even more special?” Before she could respond, he answered for her by presenting her with the engagement ring. Jim got down on one knee and asked her to marry him so every day could be special. And she said yes!

A lot of other things have happened that could take up a hundred blogs…they threw 50th birthday parties for each other, went to NYC to see Andrea Bocelli perform in Central Park (and came home with a wedding gown), attended a wedding in the Dominican republic….They have earned thousands of air miles, put thousands of miles on their cars and raked up huge phone bills. But in the end, it was a small price to pay for a future full of dreams and happiness.


Venue The Doctor’s House

Flowers by Decor with Grandeur Inc

Decore by Decor with Grandeur Inc

Wedding dress from Klenfeld’s Bridal NYC

Shoes by Jimmy Choo