Blink :: Rebecca+Tim

Hey Gang!

There are so many reasons everyone comes together to celebrate a marriage . You’re celebrating the fact that two amazing people make a pretty awesome couple. You’re raising your glass because your best friend won’t ever go on a bad first date again. You are elated because your son or daughter has found someone that loves them as much as you do. You’re inspired because you see that true love does exist and it isn’t just a fairy tale- fantasy.

Imagine for a second what Rebecca & Tim were thinking and feeling leading up to the image below. Hearing the noise inside The Berkeley Church as their guests anticipated their grand entrance. The butterflies, the excitement they must have been feeling, knowing that the formality of the day was done and their only job now was to be in the moment, enjoying their new status as husband and wife. Standing behind closed doors, they listen to the MC as they’re announced Mr. & Mrs…and their guests, being the most important people in their lives, chose to be there to witness this incredible event. They cleared their schedules for a multitude of wedding related events leading up to this day; the bridal showers, the bachelor party, the planning and preparation. These people, who wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but in that room on that day, at that moment…they rise to their feet and offer up a standing ovation to a couple that they couldn’t be happier for.

Look at the expression on Rebecca & Tim’s faces! That is what choosing the right person to marry looks like. You’ll only get the opportunity to have this party celebrating your one & only once in your life. Blink…and that special moment is gone. This gorgeous couple has it frozen in time forever.

When I look at this photo, I can’t help but think, “Now, that’s a way to enter a room!” *wink*

Come back soon for more from their beautiful wedding day!