The Berkeley Church Wedding :: Rebecca+Tim

Hey Gang!

Today we have Rebecca & Tim’s gorgeous wedding at The Berkeley Church. It was a chilly day, but that didn’t stop the heat between them *wink*. These two are proof that sometimes you find love when you’re least expecting it!

Their amazing love story started on November 17, 2011. Rebecca was trying to set up a colleague at work (Rosemary) with an old friend from law school (Casey). She had arranged for them all to meet for drinks. Casey picked O&B, and he brought along his friend Mark, and then Mark brought Tim (Tim and Mark worked together – Tim didn’t even know Casey). When they got there, Rosemary left Rebecca to talk to Casey, and so she was left with Tim and Mark. They started to talk about hockey (the Leafs were doing well, and she wondered why the bar didn’t have the game on that night!?), and she learned that Tim was a hockey goalie and even used to teach!! Now, Rebecca has always had a soft spot for goalies – she is in fact one herself and grew up believing/hoping she would marry Felix Potvin! *lol* She loved the fact that Tim was a goalie and they talked hockey for a while.
As cute as Tim was, Rebecca gave him a hard time because he was younger than her and she swore off younger men (He also had a Movember moustache *lol*). When Mark and Casey went to a tennis match they had tickets for, Tim stayed with Rebecca and Rosemary, and they went off to find the hockey game at another bar. They had fun flirting (so much so that Rosemary was like, “I’ll leave you two alone!”) and Tim and Rebecca exchanged business cards. She didn’t really think much of it, although after he walked her to the street car, he yelled out as he was walking away, “Is it too early to tell you I love you??” As it turns out, it was not too early at all!

The next day, Rebecca emailed him to find out if he was hung over *lol* and they started emailing. She eventually agreed to a date, but was so busy it didn’t happen for a couple weeks. When it did, they had so much fun together. As they dated Rebecca learned that, the day after they met, Tim had her business card sitting on his computer keyboard, trying to work up the nerve to email her! (He actually kept her card sitting there for the next year +, until he moved to his new job J)

Rebecca remembers it being easy to fall in love with Tim. Each date they had, and as she got to know him, she learned quickly what an amazing, special man he was, and how right he was for her. They were unofficially moved in together in February, and then officially on March 17th. They moved into their new house on December 8th, just about a year after meeting. He proposed on the weekend anniversary of moving in together at the condo, and they got married on the weekend anniversary that they moved into their house! They plan to go back to O&B every year on November 17th to celebrate the night they met – the night they so unexpectedly met the person they would spend the rest of their lives with!

Now..the only thing I’m left wondering is did Casey and Rosemary end up hitting it off? *lol*

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