Teatro Conference Centre Wedding Milton :: Sara + Matt

Hey Gang

As mentioned in a previous post this was my last wedding for 2011 and I have to say this was an amazing year.  I’ll definielty be blogging a recap 😉  This was a real sweet couple to finish a fantastic year with!

Matt & Sara met back in highschool.   Matt worked with several of Sara’s friends at McDonald’s & Sara worked the customer service desk at Walmart.  When Matt would work at the Walmart McDonald’s,  he used to come chat with Sara on his breaks.

Sara & Matt both attended a party on labour day before Grade 12, Sara’s best friend & maid of honour Kim , told Sara “Matt likes you”, and told Matt “Sara likes you”, that’s when the sparks began to fly, although Sara & Matt are not sure if either of them had actually even told Kim of their interest.  Within a few weeks, they were officially dating.

Matt decided to propose to Sara on Christmas morning.  Throughout their 7 years of dating, instead of buying a card, Matt had handmade Sara every card for every occasion so he thought this should be no different.  The two had just gone on vacation so decided to do “stockings only”.  Matt filled Sara’s with empty wrapped boxes to throw her off, and when she opened her card, inside was a large construction paper creation of her actual ring, and “Will you marry me?” was written on the left side.  He got down on one knee and of course Sara said yes and this this is how their wedding went!! Make sure you check out the slideshow at the end or visit me on Facebook to check out the rest of their photos!!


Wedding Venue held at Teatro Conference Centre: http://www.alemiliagroup.ca/teatrocentre.ca/

Bridal dress by Elizabeth’s Bridal Georgetown: http://www.bridalsplendor.com/

Flowers by Nicole at Little Birdie Events: http://littlebirdieevents.com/

“Pie Bar by Crawfords Village Bakery in Norval

Hair design by Fringe Hair Salon: http://www.fringehairsalon.ca/

Makeup by Lindsay Dagenais    Lindsay.dagenais@gmail.com

Music by David Smallwood djsmallwood@sympatico.ca

Transportation by Memory Lane Limo: http://www.memorylanelimo.com/



Im a shoe guy as you all know and these are some killer kicks Yiiooo!! 🙂

I had mentioned to Sara’s parents that I absolutely LOVED this couch they told me I could have it!! The problem was getting it into George (my austin mini) LOL

This had to be one of my favourite moments of the day! I just love Sara’s look of surprise here, just perfect!

This gets me every time!! When a father gets to see his baby girl in her wedding dress for the first and only time :):):)

Yeah, I know I say it all the time BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE when my couples see each other before the ceremony!!

YES they made it themselves!!