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Hey Gang!

A wedding day is full of so many amazing moments. And no matter what the moment, they are all unique to that couple. I know that for some, the day can appear to be kind of typical or routine. But in my experience it is far from that.

I know where people are coming from though; the bride always puts her dress on, the groom sees her for the first time, the first kiss, first dance…if you’re at a wedding, all of those things have probably happened. But the difference is how the couple uniquely experiences them and then in turn creates a unique experience for everyone else.

One of the moments I anticipate the most on a wedding day is when the bride and groom are pronounced “husband and wife”. I mean, that’s why we all go to weddings! We wait for those official words and suddenly, the day has taken a turn. Gone are the nerves and worries, because now it’s a PARTY. At Charlene & Stephen’s wedding, that moment was totally unique to them. I’ve witnessed and captured this part of the ceremony many times, but I’ve never seen it happen exactly like this. And to be honest, I won’t ever see it this way again. The pride, happiness and joy that was on everyone’s faces was heartwarming. Capturing the unique moments within the “typical” of the wedding day is the most exciting part of what I do. It was a slice in time that happened and just as quickly, *blink*, it was done.

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