BLINK :: Martina+Rob

Hey Gang!

The day my son was born, my life changed more than I’d ever thought possible. He was my first born, my first shot….and though I’ve learned many things along the way over the last 17 years, I was reminded at Martina & Rob’s wedding of one thing; while it is important to parent your children and be a responsible role model for them, it is equally important to be a friend to them. Balancing between setting expectations, limits and consequences and being a trusted confidant and a fun sidekick during free time isn’t always easy – in fact it is a big challenge. But seeing Rob and his dad at his wedding, I realized it is one of the most important things you can do as a father.

There was a moment earlier on in the day when Rob’s dad said to us “I’m more like his friend than his dad..” and it was such a sweet thing to hear. And then, during his speech, Rob echoed those words exactly and we couldn’t help but smile. But what happened next, left few dry eyes in the room. For those of you who don’t know Rob, he’s pretty much a Croatian rockstar! It’s actually how I met him & kept bumping into him – at Croatian weddings where he was with his band singing and I was photographing the day. To say he is incredibly talented is an understatement! So when Rob finished up his speech and started walking towards the dance floor, inviting his dad to come and join him, everyone stopped what they were doing and their attention went to the two friends who stood with their arms around each other and began to sing together. It was an amazing moment, a *blink*, from an absolutely beautiful day. And it reminded me to work harder everyday to not only be my son’s father..but also his friend.

Come back soon for more from Martina & Rob’s gorgeous wedding day!