St. George Hall Waterloo Wedding :: Sarah + Josh

Hey Gang,

I’m baaaaaack! *wink*  Today we have Sarah & Josh’s wedding, Ive been dying to show these off!  All I have to say is triple A… Amazing couple – Awesome wedding party – Atomic Reception = ASTONISHING DAY!!

Josh and Sarah met 6 years ago when a bunch of their friends went Camping for May 24 weekend. They knew of each other previously but when they were officially introduced, Josh could barely tell Sarah and her twin sister apart *lol*.

One of their friends tried to play match maker and worked really hard to get them to talk to each other that weekend. They both brushed him off but did end up meeting each other on their own. It was awesome!! They talked and talked and felt so comfortable with each other instantly! After the camping trip was over Sarah thought she would never see him again. But, little did she know, Josh was schemin’ to get her number from a mutual friend of theirs. He called her the night they all got home and asked her out on a date for ice cream. Sarah, having come off a great weekend with friends and an amazing conversation with Josh, took him up on the offer.

So the big day came, and he picked her up. It happened to also be the same day Josh’s family was moving into a new home. Sarah got into the car and Josh got a phone call from his mother. Well, seeing as how it was moving day (we all know how stressful that is! *lol*) his mother was frantically yelling at Josh saying she wanted him back there right away to drive the trailer to the new place. So Josh filled Sarah in on what was going on. He went on to say “well I feel really bad we have to cut this short, but we should still go for a quick ice cream.” Not wanting to give up on this date, Josh drove Sarah to the shell gas station on franklin road (Yes you heard it right, the Shell Gas Station!!!!!!!) and bought them ice cream bars. Sarah recalls this date as “probably one of the worst dates I have ever had.” *LOL* It gets worse! While they were on the date they were talking and Sarah noticed that Josh’s leg was bleeding a lot – right through his sock!! She asked him about it but he totally brushed it off and said he was fine, saying it was just a small cut he got the other day. Because Josh had to get going to help his family, their first date lasted about 8-10 min (maybe less) and that was it. Sarah thought she would never see him again given how the date turned out. But, my man Josh called her a day later apologizing and begged her to go out with him again. Lucky for the two of them, Sarah looked passed Josh’s gas station ice cream, bloody leg and speed date *lol* because here they are…married and as happy as they could ever be!!


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