Sneak Peek :: Brittany + Ethan

Hey Gang,

Today I wanted to show you all one of my favourite photos from Brittany+Ethan’s e-session. I love this photo because of the story behind it (literally), in front of this heart, in this exact spot is where Ethan asked Brittany to be his wife. During our meeting I learned how sentimental this couple really is. Brittany shared that she had made a collage of photos including this very special heart as a surprise for Ethan. Something tells me that as they move houses, expand their family and grow old together, this heart may not always be here. But the great thing about capturing this moment is that they will always have it. Everyone knows that relationships take hard work and some days are easier than others but it’s important to always remember where you came from 🙂 So on those days, when Ethan leaves his dirty socks on the floor or Brittany accidentally deletes Ethan’s PVR’d show *lol*, they will always have this photo to remind them of the love that brought them there.