Things About Me (Whats behind A Name)

Hey Gang,
So people usually get laugh or have a very puzzled look on their faces when they find out my brother’s name is Steve *lol* So why Bassem? Well for starters I was born in Cairo and Bassem is the equivalent of John Smith *wink* Actually I asked my parents why the name Bassem? My mom told me they had a few names in mind but as soon as I arrived and she saw me for the first time she swears I was smiling. Drum roll please…….. The meaning of the name Bassem is ‘A person who smiles’ So I came into this world smiling and most of my life people have asked me what the heck are you smiling for? What are you so happy about? Are you always smiling? *lol* I think its very funny how our names get chosen for us, some people think you grow into them but I tend to believe it was a perfect match to begin with. Please forgive me for the following chop-job I did to this photo, I’m not usually expected to swap bodies for my couples and family portraits *wink*