Things About Me (My First Pipe)

Hey Gang,

I have to admit Ive been a little bit of a hypocrite lately, well actually a big one!  I always ask my couples to share things about themselves that are not “common” knowledge or events that they’ll never forget.  But when it comes to me you only know that I take “dope” photos which leads us into today’s post *lol*  As a kid up to today my pops has always been my mentor, a person I can talk to about anything.  He’s been there for my joyous times and my rough ones too; he taught me to ride my first bike (well kinda, thats for another post), was there for my first fight that lasted a whole 10 seconds; I won’t say who lost *wink*.  He bought/surprised me with my first digital SLR cause he thought it might come in “handy” for  my very first wedding.  We always hung out making things, going places, I have tons of memories as a child but the one that stands out was the day my Pops bought me a weed pipe.   I know what your thinking but NO my father was not pot-head and anyone who knows him can completely understand the innocence behind this story. I must have been 5 and my Dad and I were at the flea market and I saw this little pipe and I had to have it. My pops was busy getting out bidder more like suckered into a tool set, after the bidding was done I DRAGGED my dad to this man’s table full of pipes.  Now that I think about back there may have been a bong or two along with some marijuana flags blowing “Eeeeeeasy” in the wind! *lol*  My dad looks at me with this very puzzled look on his face, then suddenly his look turned into concern and he asks me what the heck I needed that for?????? I took my eye of the shiny-pretty pipe I looked him in the eye with conviction and I told him it was perfect for blowing bubbles. Yup I used a weed pipe for bubble blowing, true story!  At the time I never understood why everyone stared at me while I blew bubbles? *lol*  Thinking back now my pops knew but how cool was it that he didn’t care and just wanted to make his boy happy.  Im a pretty lucky kid.