Romanian Club Kitchener Wedding :: Kyla + Curtis

Hey Gang!
Today we have Kyla and Curtis`wedding. I watched the weather all week, and all week it said it was going to rain. So, what ended up happening? It RAINED…it POURED…if you looked out the window, it was a miserable day. But, if you look at the look on Curtis and Kyla’s faces, you see that all the rain didn’t matter. It wasn’t a miserable day at all, it was AMAZING! They GOT MARRIED!!! In the end, isn’t that all that matters?
Curtis and Kyla met way back in high school, but they didn’t go to the same high school; they have Kyla’s friend Sarah to thank for the two of them meeting. Sarah and Kyla were shopping at the mall one day and happened to see Curtis there while he was working. The girls stopped and talked to Curtis for a few minutes and then went on their way. A few weeks later Curtis and Kyla bumped into each other again at a New Years Eve party. Curtis was friends with one brother and Kyla was friends with the other. The two of them talked a bit at the party and again went on their way. A few months later Kyla was at Sarah’s house and they were chatting with friends on ‘msn’ … Curtis happened to sign in. Kyla asked Sarah who Curtis was and she explained that he was at the New Years Eve party. Kyla said to Sarah “oooh yeah, I want to talk to him, he is cute!” The two of them started chatting back and forth and instantly found out that they had a lot in common, one thing being they are both baseball fans! Curtis and Kyla talked on msn and the phone for a few weeks and then decided they should meet up. Curtis met Kyla at her house for the first official get together. They found out that they both really liked each other and wanted to find out more and spend more time getting to know one another. The two of them spent the entire summer riding their bikes, taking the bus or even walking to meet up with each other as often as they could! Curtis and Kyla quickly realized that they were more than just friends and they knew they had a strong relationship. Curtis and Kyla met each other in 2003 and have been in love ever since!
Curtis proposed to Kyla in November 2011. Kyla was away shopping all weekend and came home and found a note saying that she needed to go to the mall to meet Curtis there. Curtis was sending Kyla on the Amazing Race Ring Edition. Curtis sent Kyla to the mall as that is where they first met. At the mall, Kyla had to go and find an envelope telling her what she needed to do next. This is when she found out that Curtis was not actually meeting her at the mall, but he would meet up with her in another location. The next stop was Kyla’s parents house, because that was the first official date. After that Kyla went to the local ball diamond where she watched many of Curtis’ hardball games. Curtis knew she would be getting hungry, so he sent her to East Side Marios (first dinner date) and had them make her chicken fingers and fries (her favourite). At each of the locations there was a clue and location for where Kyla needed to travel to next. He also had a picture and nice memory for Kyla to read about. Finally the last clue sent her home… when she got inside there was a pathway with pictures of the two them and candles leading up the living room. Curtis was standing in the middle of the living room with a big smile on his face. He then got down on one knee and asked Kyla if she would marry him! Of course.. she said yes!


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