Rebel Creek Golf Club Wedding :: Jennifer+Cam

Hey Gang!Jennifer & Cam’s Spring wedding at Rebel Creek Golf Club was absolutely gorgeous!  From her soft and elegant wedding dress, to the beautiful, candid moments between them and their families – it was a wonderful day to witness!

Here is how they remember their big day…

He said:

When I first saw her in her wedding dress…my first thought of Jennifer was “wow”. I even said that out loud when she turned the corner with her dad. I had no clue what her dress would look like or her hair or make up. Everything was quiet for a minute until Al, the officiant, told me to “go get her”.

My favourite moment…was when Jennifer and I had a moment alone after the ceremony in the golf carts. We got to have a moment by ourselves without 130 sets of eyes on us.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…was how calm I was. I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t anxious, I was just excited for the day to get going and the party to start. I also didn’t expect to see my photographer sprinting up a hill running away from the hall halfway though the ceremony!!

She said:

When I first saw him all dressed up…. I was in a daze watching him look at me like he’s never looked at me before. It melted my heart to see him stare at me so “starstruck”. He looked so handsome, happy and so in love. There is no better feeling than knowing you, an everyday average person, has the ability to take someone’s breath away.

My favourite moment…during our ceremony the officiant asked us to turn and look at all the people there for us that day. What an incredible feeling.

Something that happened that I didn’t expect…
was my papa pulling me up for me to dance with him during Cam and his mothers dance. Aside from feeling like I was stealing their thunder..He is 91 and my last grandparent alive. It meant the world to me that he was able to be at my wedding, let alone healthy enough to dance with me.

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