Portuguese Club London Wedding :: Jennifer + Eric

Hey Gang,

Well you know from my last post how I knew Jennifer but lets talk about Eric! After sitting with them at our first meeting I was in love with this dude after 5 minutes, might have helped that he said my cappuccino might have been the best he had ever had! *wink* But seriously though watching them talk with each other or seeing Eric watch over Jennifer as she speaks is nothing short of amazing! During their e-session we rocked it out and had so much fun and that really gave me the inclination about how MUCH these guys are into each other! It’s quite understandable why these guys are so hot for each other especially when you find out how they met! Lets just say things got HOT right from the start! *wink*

Eric and Jennifer met early in September 2009, as they both had started Teacher’s College together at the University of Western Ontario. It was the second day of school and she went to the Cafeteria in their building to buy a coffee. She was in line to pay for it and I turned around to grab her purse and accidentally knocked into a man behind her *wink* He was holding a cup of coffee and a WHITE cotton shirt, and as she bumped into him she knocked his Tim Horton’s coffee all over the front of his shirt. Safe to assume at this point this man was Eric *lol* She apologized profusely but he just looked at her with a scowl on his face and said “it’s okay”. Everywhere she turned after that day he was there. She saw him in the hallways before and after school, and he happened to be in every single one of her classes. She couldn’t avoid him. She was embarrassed every time she saw him, and it served as a daily reminder of her having spilled coffee all over him. One day she was sitting in the cafeteria having lunch with some friends, when she noticed that he was sitting with some of his friends. She and Eric soon realized that their friends knew each other. They began talking during that lunch, and she had officially stopped avoiding him. They became friends on Facebook and Eric began an online chat with her during October and he smoothly asked for her phone number. They became attached to their phones, and were constantly text messaging. He asked her out twice before she finally agreed. They had their first date on Thursday November 5th 2009. That day changed their lives forever. By Christmas of that year Jennifer knew she wanted to marry Eric and be with him forever. They said “I Love You” to each other on January 20th 2010, and not a day has gone by the they haven’t said it to one another. The rest as they say is history……


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Cake by Petit Partis Crèperie & Pâtisserie: http://www.petit-paris.ca/

Decor by Ferreira Party & Wedding Centre:  http://www.ferreirawedding.com/

Dress by Ballett’s Bridal & Formal Wear: http://www.balletts.com/

Flowers by Floral Factory Cambridge

Catering by Portuguese Club of London: http://www.portuguesecluboflondon.com/

Brides hair by Whispers Hair and Day Spa: http://www.WispersDaySpa.ca/

Limo by Grandeur Limousine Inc. http://www.grandeurlimousine.com/