POP Contest :: Photo Shoot Give-Away

Hey Gang!
Do you guys remember when Santa used to come early? Me either *lol*. Well today you’re in luck, because I’m going to change that!! For today’s POP contest the winner will receive a Photo Shoot. Maybe you want a nice photo of yourself, your family or the kids to put on this year’s holiday card? Or maybe you just need to revamp that online dating profile with a glamour shot *lol*. Either way – this prize is AWESOME. You might have noticed that I’ve been tweeting “AWESOME” things lately. It all has been inspired by “The Book of Awesome” (You should check it out when you get a chance!!). Basically the idea is to notice the little or big things in your everyday life that make it AWESOME. Not everyday is a good day, but even the days we wish we can fast foward have something, even one small thing that was awesome. So for today’s POP contest, I invite you to tell me what is AWESOME about the holidays. Maybe it is “Avoiding Grandma’s fruit cake, AWESOME!” or “The smell of a fresh cut tree in the house, AWESOME!”. Whatever your AWESOME is, please share! How do I determine the winner? That’s easy! The comment with the most “likes” wins. So tell me, what’s your “holiday awesome”!? Ready…set…ho,ho,hold on! Don’t forget to get your friends to “like” your comment

***CONTEST ENDS on Tuesday, November 6th at Noon. Winner will be announced shortly after.***

***This all takes place on my Facebook Group***

Here are the details:
1. You have to be a member of my Facebook group to be eligible. Simply do that by pressing the “LIKE” button above
2. You can submit as many “holiday awesome” comments as you want.
3. The comment with the most likes wins.
4. Winner must be 18 or accompanied by an adult for the shoot.
5. Location of the shoot will be Cambridge.
6. Date and time of the shoot will be mutually agreed upon by myself and the contest winner.
Good luck!!