Hey Gang!

Are you all ready for a full week of blog posting excitement!? Today I thought I’d start things off a little FUN! Ok, so I think the majority of humankind would agree that cheese is AWESOME! It’s great on a nice juicy burger, your favourite pizza or how about paired with a big glass of wine? *wink* I also think we can all agree that there are two instances where cheese is not welcome…first, “cutting the cheese”. *LOL* enough said! Second, while I love cheese, it just doesn’t belong in photos! When it comes to photos, I say it loud and proud………”Hold the Cheese!!” So, today I wanted to do a little POP CONTEST. My facebook group is nearing 600 “likes”! How awesome is that?! So, the *first* person to post “hold the cheese” on my facebook page when we reach 600 likes will win a gift certificate to my favourite pizza joint. My mouth is watering just thinking of all the cheesy goodness, yum, yum!!

Ready, set, CHEEEEEESE! *lol*