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Hey Gang!

POP CONTEST TIME!! I always get asked why I chose wedding photography. Afterall, there are many alternatives..Space Photography, for example – and really, who wouldn’t want to be floating around at zero gravity!! *lol* As interesting as it would be to wear a cool space suit, there is one thing that would be missing and that is the interaction between people. It’s the seemingly tiny, insignificant moments that turn out to be life long memories. Facial expressions, crazy dance moves, a quiet minute before walking down the aisle….all those seconds add up to a day that has been planned to the last detail, dreamt about for years and anxiously awaited upon after he finally “popped the question”.

There is nothing greater than catching a glance, an emotion or a conversation as it happens because those photos wind up being REAL memories, not fabricated or posed ones. So..to honour that, today we are starting our Caption Contest!! It’s simple, all you have to do is come up with a caption for this photo that I took at wedding. What could these ladies have been talking about?? *wink* How do I determine the winner? That’s easy! The comment with the most “likes” wins. So start captioning, get your friends to start liking and the prize?? I think it is time someone won a free shoot, don’t you? *wink*

Here are the details:

1. You have to be a member of this group to be eligible. Simply do that by pressing the “LIKE” button above
2. You can submit as many captions as you want.
3. The caption with the most “likes” wins.
4. Prize is a lifestyle shoot. (Lifestyle Shoot Details: Includes individual or couple or family shoot. Shoot will be approximately 1 hr in length, winner must travel to Cambridge on a day decided between Bassem (that’s me!) *wink* and winner. Shoot must take place on a Monday-Thursday.)
5. Winner must be 18 yrs of age or older.
6. Anyone who has won a contest through Bassem Photography in the last 6 months (October 15, 2012 onward) is ineligible.

7. The caption/comment MUST be made on the photo located on my Facebook Page. Any other comments elsewhere will not qualify.

8. Contest closes on April 24, 2013 at noon. Winner will be announced at 1pm on April 24, 2013.

GOOD LUCK and don’t forget to go to my Facebook Page for a chance to WIN!!


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