Photo Booth :: Jackie + Ryan

Hey Gang,

Let me just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE when my couples have a photo booth at their reception!  It’s great getting to know my couples and we typically have a year to do so, but I only have one day to see their closest family and friends and in my opinion I think someone’s personality really shines through in the booth!  We should call it the booth of truth, hmmm…. I think I might be on to something! *wink*  Let me explain! By the time the booth is setup and ready for business most people have had a fantastic dinner and a drink or two or three etc…. so at this point they’re relaxed and ready to work off their meal.  Now you get a pretty crazy guy like me behind the camera (check out my VIDEO to confirm my sanity or lack of it) combined with my amazing couples’ equally amazing guests and Eureka! You have for some pretty fun photos!

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