BLINK :: Caitlin+Matt

Hey Gang!

In the weeks and days leading up to the wedding, a bride and groom will send off silent prayers that their day turns out how they planned. They hope that the food is just right, the details all come together without a glitch, their guests have an amazing time and…that the weather cooperates. I think if you asked any bride how far back the extended forecast goes, she’ll tell you without skipping a beat! In the two weeks leading up to the big day, all that needs to be typed in google is “w” and the predictive text will do the rest, filling in weather network or weather forecast. The POP fluctuates hour to hour…from 10% to 90% back down to 0%. It is a stressful little game we play when we are wishing for something that we have zero control over.

We’ve heard that rain on a wedding day is good luck – that may be *lol*, but no one wishes for rain on their special day. For Caitlin & Matt’s Parry Sound wedding, the forecast was unforgiving….day after day we watched as it was certain that they would have a rainy, cold day. Lori and I wished we could change it for them, but we knew that the most important thing was we had an amazing couple who could not wait to get married – and there is nothing more beautiful than that! Well…except for what happened next….

On the morning of their wedding we ran to the car as the rain poured down from a heavy, grey sky. We went from spending time with Matt & his boys, to Caitlin’s grandmother’s home on the lake where Caitlin was getting ready with her girls. With fingers crossed, we looked out the window every now and then, hoping for a mini miracle as the landscape was absolutely gorgeous and we would have hated to miss out on photos outdoors. At one point Caitlin’s mother noticed a break in the clouds and the sun peeking through…she went over to her daughter and said, “You just know this is grandpa doing this for you!” It was a beautiful moment. Caitlin’s grandfather had passed away and it was clear that the family missed his presence that morning. But then the sun kept coming, the clouds disappeared and everyone knew that he was there in spirit. For the rest of the day rain was the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. Just as everyone was finding their seats, I went outside to grab one last piece of equipment. As I opened the door to go back inside, I felt a drop on my forehead and smiled to myself. Caitlin’s Grandfather was definitely looking down on her and Matt that day, making their *Blink* about as perfect as perfect can get!

Come back soon for more from their beautiful day.