Paradise Banquet Hall Wedding :: Krystal+Jason

Hey Gang!

Krystal & Jason were married on a beautiful day in Cambridge, Ontario.  St. Clement’s church is one of the most beautiful and historic Catholic churches in the KW region and that is where this gorgeous couple said their “I do’s”.  From there we went to downtown Galt for their formal wedding photos.  If you’ve never been to downtown Galt, it is truly a must-do for this summer!  It’s historic buildings, bridges and the view of the Grand River running through the stone building landscape is something to see!  Not only is it a great place to spend the day, but it is the perfect location for wedding or engagement photos.  For Krystal and Jason’s wedding photos we had so much to work with.  Old churches, to a romantic walk along the river to a wild wedding party jumping into the fountain – it was never a dull moment!!

We had such a great time with the entire wedding party and that didn’t end after photos.  The reception was at the Paradise Banquet Hall was elegant and classic.  Every last detail was put together so nicely and made for a truly romantic atmosphere. And then….the party started!!! The dance floor was fulling and happenin’ the entire night. It is always so much fun capturing moments of guests letting loose and having a blast. We never get tired of seeing new dance moves, or watching the all the guests erupt when a crowd favourite comes on.

Krystal & Jason, thank you for having us be such a special part of your wedding day. We had an incredible time with you and your guests and can’t wait for you to see the photos. So, without further ado, check out the photos below from your beautiful wedding. And to see more photos, check out our Facebook Page!



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