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Hey Gang!

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a task that always ends with “I just KNEW it was the one!”. Kinda like finding the Mr/Mrs. Right! *wink* Many women spend much of their lives dreaming about their wedding day and putting that dress on for the first time. Countless hours are taken hostage by Pinterest with different silhouettes, fabrics and shades of white to consider. There will likely not be another outfit that is agonised over like this one. And the thing about a wedding gown, however tedious or easy the task is in finding it, you really only get to wear it once!

One of our favourite parts of the wedding day is seeing the dress for the first time. We get a little snap shot into our brides’ childhood dreams coupled with their current sense of style…and then we get to capture it for them. The dress they couldn’t wait to put on…the dress that may have brought tears to their eyes when they realised it was “the one”…the dress that leaves her dad speechless….and the dress that will take his breath away… Worn for one day, almost in the blink of an eye, but captured and remembered forever.

Come back soon for more of their gorgeous wedding day!